Zvrlevski Addresses Parliament

13072017 4

National Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski, whose dismissal motion is debated on in the parliament, addressed the MPs on Wednesday afternoon saying that as a result of the negative campaign led against him he was aware what would be the outcome, the same as the replacement of his predecessors. “None of them was incompetent or incapable. So if you dismiss me as incompetent and incapable I will not be affected at all. To say the least I will be in the line of the best. With peaceful consciousness before you here and the Macedonian public I assure you that in the past four years I have worked responsibly and conscientiously, based on the law, Constitution and rules in the Public Prosecutor’s Office,” Zvrlevski stated. He added that the National Public Prosecutor could not and should not affect the work of the prosecutors who have full independence. Zvrlelvski refuted allegations of wrongdoing in certain cases like Aktor, Makedosnka Banka or the request for protection of legality in the Sead Kocan case. In terms of the 27 April incident, he noted that the investigation was ongoing and would shed light to all circumstances.

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