PM Zaev Addresses Trieste Summit

13072017 1

PM Zoran Zaev, in his address at the WB Summit in Trieste said that the Macedonian citizens are fatigued from the long-standing stagnation, but after the democratic changes and the outstretched hand from the International Community, the faith and hope is restored that this is the moment that must not be missed. “The connection is not only political issue. Good-neighbourly relations are not only a matter of political culture. They are necessity. They are bridges towards Europe and the world. They mean concrete benefits in the quality of life of our citizens. This is also contributed to by the good infrastructural connection, which brings opportunities for economic development of the states. Therefore, I welcome today’s signing of the Treaty for Transport Community, which will facilitate the connection among countries from the region according to the EU acquis,” said Zaev. He said the decision for railway connection of Macedonia with Bulgaria was already adopted by the EBRD as part of the Corridor 8.

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