MoI Presents Invoices Showing Unrestricted Spending of Police Heads

14072017 2

MoI has presented invoices from lunches and dinners whose average sum is around 500 euro, some of which were made in a period of deteriorated security situation. The invoices include part of the fees for representation of the former heads of the MoI, the Security and Counter-Intelligence Office 9UBK) and the Public Security Bureau (BJB) along with their deputies. Expensive specialities were consumed like game, sea food and expensive wines and other drinks were ordered. One day after the Smilkovo Lake massacre, fee of 29,860 denars was made in a famous Skopje inn. As the MoI said the invoices refer to representation to which only the heads of UBK and BJB are entitled. On the menu were also buffalo and horse steaks. In 2011 the Minister of Interior and his deputies and assistants spent nearly five million denars on representation. BJB spent 15 million denars, the internal control sectors – 2.8 million denars, while UBK eight million denars. In six years from 2011 to 2016 over 1.4 million euro were spent on representation, most of which in Skopje inns and restaurants. VMRO-DPMNE called on SDSM to start dealing with real projects instead of presenting irrelevant documents in the public.

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