Media Reform Debate Organised by Ministers

17072017 2

A public debate was organised Friday by the Ministry of Information Society and Administration with representatives of media organisations and associations and associated institutions to discuss ways to implement reforms in the media in Macedonia. A media reform bill should serve as an overview of the needs and well-conceived positions of media experts, journalists, media associations, the civil society and the international community, according to Damjan Mancevski, Minister for Information Society and Administration, and Robert Popovski, minister without portfolio in charge of communications and transparency. “To enable freedom of the press is part of our commitment to accountable governance and to acting as a corrective of the government,” Mancevski said. One of the objectives is to make the public broadcasting service a medium ‘fully unbiased and independent,’ according to him. “The regulatory body should be made up of experts, unbiased individuals with no links to the political parties and media professionals,” said Minister Popovski. The second key segment, according to him, is the role of the public broadcasting service.

(Kanal 5; Sitel; Telma; Alfa; MTV1; MIA; Makfax)