MoI: Election Day Proceeds Peacefully

16102017 4

At Sunday evening’s press conference Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski noted that the elections proceeded in a peaceful atmosphere, but that several minor incidents had been registered. The Election Day proceeded without serious disturbance of the public order and peace, the Interior Ministry assessed. The police have received 46 reports on photographed ballots and voting on behave of another person. 44 interruptions of voting process were noted, but voting was continued within 15-20 minutes. With regard to the photographed ballots 10 people were detained, four of whom in Skopje, two in Ohrid and one in Centar Zhupa, Kumanovo, Strumica and Gostivar each. Minister Spasovski also informed that the events with disturbance of public peace in Gorno Sedlarce, Tetovo and Butel in Skopje had been clarified. Three people had been detained under suspicions of offering bribe in Bitola.

(Kanal 5; Sitel; Telma; Alfa; MTV1; MIA; Makfax)