PM Zaev holds Meetings with Brnabic and Vucic during Visit to Serbia

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Macedonia and Serbia will hold a joint government session at the start of next year, it was announced at Tuesday’s meeting between PM Zoran Zaev and his Serbian counterpart, Ana Brnabic, in Belgrade. The interlocutors also underlined the importance of regional cooperation to peace and stability. According to Zaev, Macedonia respects the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue. “I believe a solution will be found in the interest of Serbia. We fully support that because that is important to Serbia and its European perspective, but the perspective of our whole region, too, depends on that,” he stressed. Brnabic said her Macedonian counterpart’s first visit to Belgrade was a good signal in terms of all further activities and all open issues being resolved through dialogue. “We can constructively solve problems only with dialogue,” she said. Brnabic considers that the dialogue will not stop in the coming period. “Nobody is sweeping problems under the rug,” she noted. The same day, Zaev also met with Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic. They underlined the traditionally good friendship and cooperation between Serbia and Macedonia as exceptional potential to deepen those relations, ahead of which exceptional opportunities exist for several new initiatives in several areas, with mutual respect when it comes to the own strategic interests. Cooperation also in security matters, economic and social well-being of the two countries’ citizens is of special interest, as are the regional initiatives in which both countries’ interest is especially big.

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