To Vima: London to insist on NATO membership Without name Row solution

08022018 2

London will try to impose its influence on the region and insist on NATO membership for Macedonia even without a resolution to the name issue, Greek newspaper To Vima reports, reiterating that Great Britain will organise this year’s Western Balkans Summit. According to the report prepared by the House of Lords, London will insist on Macedonia’s NATO integration without a solution to the name row. “The Government should support measures to help Macedonia join NATO, with or without a solution to the name issue,” the report reads. As the document adds, NATO membership and cooperation could enhance the peace and stability of the region. “We agree with the Government’s continuing support for the membership ambitions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia. Providing they meet the requirements for membership, their accession would be a welcome step towards greater stability in the region,” it is pointed out. It was drafted by the Select Committee on International Relations, which is appointed by the House of Lords in each session “to investigate the United Kingdom’s international relations”, To Vima adds. The report also cites a 17 January 2017 speech delivered by British PM Theresa May, in which she “identified the Western Balkans as a region in which the UK government has played, and will continue to play, an active role in promoting European prosperity, stability and security”.

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