Deputy PM Osmani: Name issue Solution cannot be Partial

09022018 1

Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani considers that a solution to the name issue cannot be partial. He said on Thursday that there had to be a single solution acceptable for the two sides, without Greece afterwards having the opportunity to block. As regards the statements made by DUI leader Ali Ahmeti, who told SKAI TV that Macedonia was a country without a name, he stated that it had been given in a positive context and concerned the current situation with the use of the provisional designation in international relations. The name issue was discussed at DUI MP Artan Grubi’s meeting with Molly Montgomery, Special Advisor for Europe and Russia at the Office of Vice President Mike Pence. “The reforms, the fulfilment of all expectations from Brussels, the Ohrid Agreement and the good-neighbourliness are on an excellent path in terms of fully realising them. However, only the dispute with our southern neighbour remains, about which we expect direct help from the United States in the direction of finding a dignified solution,” Grubi stated. Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos stated that the European perspective of his country’s northern neighbour depended on the dispute, which could be resolved only if there was no insistence on irredentism. In that regard, he said there should be constitutional changes in Skopje in order for there to be an irredentism-free solution.

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