VMRO-DPMNE Leader Meets Bulgarian PM and EPP President

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VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski met in Sofia with Bulgarian PM Boyko Borissov and President of the European People’s Party Joseph Daul. The meeting, as VMRO-DPMNE informs, is at the invitation of the Bulgarian PM within the agenda of Bulgaria as EU Chair. “The meeting focused on the European agenda of the region and strengthening the cooperation within the frames of the European People’s Party, where VMRO-DPMNE is integral part,” reads the party press release. The VMRO-DPMNE leader underlined that the EU membership remains strategic priority that should allow for progress. He said there was slow reform process primarily in the area of judiciary and economy. Talking to the Bulgarian PM Mickoski said they were in favour of developing good neighbourly relations based on principled approach and mutual respect.

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