Ziadin Sela Re-elected Alliance for Albanians Leader

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Ziadin Sela was re-elected President of the Alliance for Albanians. At the Tetovo Congress, 607 delegates were present of which only one voted against for the sole candidate. The Congress also saw the adoption of the Statute of the party, platform and party resolution which comprises the demand to the government for change of the Constitution for making the Albanian language equal to the Macedonian one. The fiercest debate took place with regard to the demand for change of the statute of the party. One of the demands was for the party leader to have the right to reappointment only once so as the party will not be turned into their private property. In his speech Sela focused on the integrations of the country pointing out that 99 % of Albanians are in favour of Macedonia’s integration to the NATO and EU. Moreover, he criticised the government of abusing the Albanian votes.

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