Journalists Protest against Threats at Selmani

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Hundreds of journalists, activists and citizens responded to the call of the Independent Union of Journalists for protest after Bekir Asani of DUI called AJM President Naser Selmani ‘a bastard’. Previously, Asani’s brother Bejtula sent threatening messages to Selmani on Facebook. With banners reading ‘I am a bastard too’ they gathered outside the Government to send a message for protection of Selmani and journalists and sanction for offenders. “The attack on Naser is an attack on all journalists. We demand police protection to be provided as it is a matter of threat by a person with violent past when it comes to journalists,” stated Tamara Causidis, President of the Union. Selmani said it was not the time for the government to issue reactions but to sanction the perpetrators, saying he was not afraid of the threats.

(Kanal 5; Sitel; Telma; Alfa; MTV1; MTV2; Alsat-M; TV21; MIA; Makfax)