US Department of State Report on Human Rights Released

23042018 2

The US Department of State released its reports on human rights practices for 2017 with the report on Macedonia noting that the most significant human rights issues included reports of torture by prison guards, interference with privacy, violence against journalists, lack of judicial independence, corruption, and violence against LGBTI persons. “The government took some steps to investigate, prosecute, and punish officials who committed abuses, including police officials guilty of excessive force, but impunity continued to be a widespread problem. Between April 15 and September 15, the Special Prosecutor’s Office, investigating allegations of corruption between 2008 and 2015, filed 18 indictments against 120 defendants, charged 168 criminal offenses, and opened seven investigations against 25 suspects. It also initiated 142 preliminary investigations into apparent criminal behavior relating to or arising from the content of illegally intercepted communications,” reads the report.

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