Reactions to Republic of Ilinden Macedonia Name as Possible Solution

21052018 2

Republic of Ilinden Macedonia is a name that contains a chronological qualifier with ties to concrete historical dates and constitutes a realistic opportunity for reaching a compromise deemed acceptable by the two sides. We expect the proposal to be met with wide support in Athens, the government said Sunday. In accordance with Nimetz's proposal, a name solution should be reached containing either a geographical or chronological qualifier, reads a statement of the Greek PM's office apparently dismissing the latest proposal 'Republic of Ilinden Macedonia'. The press release of Alexis Tsipras' office, issued on Saturday evening, comments on the statement of Macedonian PM Zoran Zaev. "We welcome FYROM's acknowledgement that a name solution cannot be reached without adopting an erga omnes name. Nevertheless, we encourage our neighbors to continue to work together in an effort to find a mutually acceptable solution with a geographical or chronological qualifier in accordance with the package of proposals put forward by UN special envoy Matthew Nimetz," reads the statement.