PM Zaev Informs Party and Top State Leaders of Name Talks

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The largest Macedonian opposition party VMRO-DPMNE does not accept the Constitution to be amended in order the constitutional name to be changed, said opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski after Saturday's leaders' meeting in which PM Zoran Zaev briefed state and party leaders about the name talks. "And the proposal presented by Zaev requires the constitution to be changed, i.e. a name for overall use," Mickoski said. President Gjorge Ivanov says he wants to receive a written document containing everything that has been discussed in the name talks with Greece so far before forming a position on the name proposal unveiled Saturday by PM Zoran Zaev after the leaders' meeting. "Any proposal should be reviewed also by international law experts, because in the past we have seen the Greek side being inconsistent," Ivanov said. The Republic of Ilinden Macedonia is the option considered by the premiers of Macedonia and Greece in Sofia last week as being 'the most acceptable', which was presented on Saturday at a leaders' meeting in Skopje. "I briefed on the latest stage of the name negotiations. With utmost accountability, awareness and commitment to the state interests, I informed the President, the Parliament Speaker, the leaders of VMRO-DPMNE and DUI that the governments of Macedonia and Greece have discussed an option and a solution that might be acceptable for both parties. Republic of Ilinden Macedonia (in Macedonian Република Илинденска Македонија and in Albanian Republika e Maqedonisë së Ilindenit) is the possible compromise," Zaev stated.