Parliament Adopts Draft Law amending Electoral Code

23052018 3

With 80 votes in favour and no votes against, the Parliament adopted the Draft-Law regarding Amending the Electoral Code, following a shortened procedure, which would establish a temporary structure of the State Election Commission (SEC). This law was agreed by the government and the opposition, and was submitted by MPs Tomislav Tuntev, Dragan Danev, Ejup Alimi and Afrim Gashi, coordinators of the SDSM, VMRO-DPMNE, DUI and Besa parliamentary groups. It is planned in the SEC in the following months that there will be no members – experts, and the mandate of the members should be six months term, until the autumn, when few amendments to the laws are planned regarding the elections. Tuesday, Tutnev explained the need to pass the law with shortened procedure and then he said that it was drafted in agreement with the government and the opposition, in order to enable citizens to express themselves.