Name Issue: Zaev – Tsipras Call Still Awaited

08062018 2

The next hours are key for the outcome from the name issue negotiations.Vice PM for EU Affairs Bujar Osmani, following his meeting with EU Chief of Foreign Policy Federica Mogherini in Brussels says the two countries have never been closer to agreement and the positive outcome will open room for enhancing the ties with Greece and more quality Euro-Atlantic perspective. The Government in Macedonia, however, has still not revealed any details about when the Zaev – Tsipras phone calls is to take place. Athens authorities are also cautious in not presenting any details, though the Greek opposition is continually accusing them of selling out the national interests. The international factor is also closely following the situation. US Ambassador to Macedonia H.E. Jess Bialy Thursday in Ohrid once again extended support for resolving the issue. Part of the ruling coalition parties reiterated their positions that they would not endorse any compound name comprising the name Macedonia. Greek FM Kotzias accused the opposition of previously accepting the Macedonian language, while now they opposed the use of Macedonia.