PM Zaev Remains Optimist of Sooner Name Issue Settlement

08062018 1

PM Zoran Zaev remains optimist that soon resolution of the name issue is possible.We are close to resolution, Zaev reiterates, adding he expects sooner phone conversation with Greek counterpart Tsipras. According to him, the most important thing is to reach good and sustainable agreement. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also says that quality is more important than deadlines. “The Republic of Macedonia wishes and intensively works on this to happen prior to the European Council meeting, at the same time showing that such important issues must not be rushed. The quality of the wording of the agreement and the need for reaching sustainable and lasting solution for both sides are more important than finalising the process in a given deadlines,” the Ministry notes. This was followed by a reaction of the Greek MoFA. “We have a good deal at the table, and as FYROM’s PM said, it should be concluded sooner. Unfortunately, someone seems to be playing games,” writes the reaction of the Greek MoFA. Former FM Antonijo Milososki wrote on his Facebook profile that in addition to the accepted package for the name ‘Republic of North Macedonia’ Greece has submitted two additional demands which were not part of the agreed framework Kotzias – Dimitrov. Namely, they demand that the language should not be registered as ‘Macedonian’ but ‘Makedonski’ without translation and secondly the constitutional revision not to take place following the NATO admission invitation but referendum with positive outcome to be organised first.