Business Forum in New York

An investment promotion team led by Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Pesevski including Minister for Attracting Foreign Investments Vele Samak and Director of free industrial zones DTIDZ Viktor Mizo took part in a business forum in New York where Macedonia's business conditions were presented.

During the forum, organised in cooperation with Forbes magazine, Pesevski pointed out favourable conditions for doing business underlying the satisfying business climate in the country referring to benefits for the foreign companies as lowest tax package in Europe and stable macroeconomic environment. He also referred to government efforts on strengthening investments potentials and current reforms in state institutions, education and infrastructure aimed at improving the conditions for doing business and providing bigger development of the Macedonian economy. The organising of business forum in New York, which is one of the main economic centres in the world, according to Pesevski, is of great importance for attracting new foreign investors in the country taking into consideration the fact that American companies have huge potential for expansion of their production and some of them have already invested in Macedonia. “We have pointed out the opportunity not only for investments in the sphere of production but also in the rest of service sectors because we are continuing the development of this concept of free zones and in the sphere of information technologies, tourism and health sector. I can say that the interest was satisfying during and after the presentations and I believe that some of the companies will visit Macedonia which of course is a basis for more concrete future investments,” Pesevski said. Minister for Attracting Foreign Investments Vele Samak and Director of free industrial zones TIRZ Viktor Mizo also addressed the business forum.

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