Mancevski: Previous government Employed 7,708 people in 7.5 months

31072017 E2

According to Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski, in a 7.5-month period, i.e. from 17 October to 31 May, the previous government employed 7,708 people. As he said on Friday, more than half of them were illegally hired the day the elections were scheduled. “The numbers show who politicises the administration sector. In the past two months, mayors from VMRO-DPMNE’s ranks have employed over 300 people,” Mancevski stressed. In the same period, the new government, through a published competition, has employed 96 persons, a third of whom are so-called special advisors to ministers. The number will rise butit’s about a small figure, the Minister explained. According to him, each minister can employ three advisors from the administration sector and another three external ones. Also, Mancevski said, among other things, that the possibility existed of the number of 129,000 administration employees rising because of an identified problem in the system through which their actual number should be gotten. In response to his comments, VMRO-DPMNE said the Minister was trying to manipulate the public in order to hide the mass cases of politically-motivated employments and illegal dismissals in the past two months. “The truth is that only 160 people were employed in that period in the administration sector because of urgent and pressing matters, which is allowed and in line with the Electoral Code,” Nikola Gruevski’s party stressed.

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