Finance Ministry: Public debt reduced by 0.3 %

01082017 E1

The Ministry of Finance reports that the public debt of Macedonia decreased by 0.3 %. According to the Finance Ministry’s data, the public debt at the moment amounts 3.9 billion euro, or 38 % of the Macedonian GDP. Compared to the first quarter in 2017, the public debt has been decreased by 3.3 million euro, i.e. 0.1 %. “The reduction is due to the current policies of the Finance Ministry for managing the public debt. The Ministry recently also published information about the hidden debt of the state, which amounts up to 364 million euro, and we are negotiating with World Bank in order to come up with the best resolution for this issue. The Ministry had no information about this debt till now, and this is the first ever initiative to resolve this problem and prevent similar ones form occurring in future,” they inform from within the Finance Ministry.

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