SKM asks for simpler procedure to register Gun manufacturers

08082017 E3

The association of gun manufacturers and traders in the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce (SKM) called on the Government and the relevant departments to adopt changes to the law on manufacturing and trade with weapons. Dimitar Mangutov from SKM asked that the Economy Ministry simplifies the procedure for the obtaining of a firearms production license and to declassify data on procurement of weapons and military equipment by the Interior and Defense Ministry. "Our long term goal should be to get back to the previous standards of quality in our production. As part of Yugoslavia, we were ranked third in production of military equipment. All other countries have moved up, and we are the only ones lagging behind. We only have a few small companies active in this field. The procedure to obtain a production license in Macedonia can take months with a special committee made up of members from various institutions being responsible, while internationally this process can take as little as 15 days," said Mangutov. Jovica Gjuricic, also from the association, said that currently Macedonian producers receive no orders from the Macedonian institutions. "The previous Defence Minister would tell us that they are approaching foreign manufacturers directly. We also represent foreign manufacturers and have a 15 years long track record in the industry, but we receive no orders," said Gjuricic, adding that the new Defence Minister Radmila Sekerinska has promised to open the procurement process to Macedonian companies.

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